Beth El Library

Beth El has established a multi-media library with a tremendous collection of material on our religion and our culture.  Please stop by and utilize this great resource.  You can also view the entire catalog of material on-line before you stop in.  

To see what resources are available:

1.  go to:

2.  in the "search site" box enter:  "BethEl.Library"    

      No password is needed.

3. the next screen says "no results," but that's not true.  Look to the left hand list 

and click "Members"

4. on the next screen click "BethEl.Library"

5. scroll down to URLs and click "catalog/BethEl.Library"

Now you are in our catalog, and there are many ways to use it.  Play 

around, click buttons, browse through, but if you have a specific book in mind, use the 

"search this library" box (NOT the "search site" box) to enter title or author. Or, use the 

second button, which will provide a drop down menu of other search options.


Our subject headings list will open if you click the "tags" button on the top bar. Clicking 

a tag will then call up all the books on that subject. Clicking the "authors" button will call 

up all the books by that author.


To find the book in the library, look at the column "Dewey/Melvil."   We don't use the

Dewey system, but that column will give the number and thus location of the book in our 



If you run into any problems, send a message to Riva at

More books are being added to the catalog all the time. Please come in and check 

out our wonderful library!