Membership, Tuition, & Donations

Your annual member dues commitment provides the majority of Beth El's operating revenues for the year, supporting the excellent religious, educational, and programming efforts in our community. Your financial contributions truly are vital to the congregation's existence, but so is your membership - just knowing that you support what we are doing keeps us going.

Your membership means that Congregation Beth El can continue to be an active and vital part of the Jewish community. Your dues support and gifts make it possible for our Rabbi and Educators to inspire the joy of Jewish living every day. So, please take a moment to renew, or join us now by filling out the application and returning to Beth El.

Our new dues structure has been carefully designed and formulated to create equitable and clear guidelines for all our congregants.  It has been recommended by the URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) that membership dues and religious school tuition fund 90% of the congregation’s annual budget.  With this in mind, we have structured the dues table in an effort to approximate this goal.  We still will look toward our Annual Fund Campaign, special gifts and other program fees to cover all our other needs for this year.

If your family can contribute more than the suggested minimum dues, please consider such a contribution.  If the suggested levels present an unusual hardship, please call Beth El's Treasurer or President to make special arrangements.  No one will be denied membership or participation because of an inability to pay dues.  All dues and financial information is strictly confidential.


Memberships and Religous School Tuition

Yearly Membership
from 180.00
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Quarterly Membership
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Religious School Tuition
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If you prefer to sign up for membership or religious school by check or not through the website, please download the following form and submit by postal mail.

Bookplate Sponsorships

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During the High Holy Days of 2018 (5779), our congregation will be using a wonderful new set of prayer books. This High Holy Day prayer book (Machzor) comes in two volumes, one for Rosh Hashanah and one for Yom Kippur. These beautiful and inspiring editions represent the first new High Holy Days texts to be introduced in the Reform Movement in nearly 40 years!

Members have an opportunity to sponsor personalized bookplates to remember a loved one, celebrate a life cycle occasion, or honor clergy, family and friends. These book plaques will be placed in each of the volumes.

Each time the prayer book is opened, your dedication will be reaffirmed. 

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