New Adult Education Program Announced

New Adult Education Program Announced

Wisdom of our Sages on Social Justice: “In many ways, the words of Pirkei Avot/The teachings of our sages were the first recorded manifesto of social justice in Western civilization. We will be using a new commentary which explores the text through a lens of contemporary social justice and moral philosophy, engaging both classical commentators and modern thinkers.”

Join us for our "Sweet & Savories From Our Traditions" event on April 14!

On Sunday, April 14, Congregation Beth El, Congregation Beth Israel and the Islamic Center of Maine are joining forces for “Sweets & Savories from Our Traditions” Open House and Bake Sale. The event will take place at Congregation Beth El, 183 French Street from 2 to 5 pm.

Admission for the event, which includes coffee, tea, cold drinks, sweet and savory pastries is $5 or $15 for a family. Proceeds from the event will be used to purchase toiletry kits for men and women which will be distributed through the Bangor Homeless Shelter and the Shaw House. There will also be a raffle for baked goods, including decadent cheesecakes, for $2 each or $10 for an arm’s length.

"We are blessed to live in a community where Muslims, Jews, Christians, and people of all religious beliefs – or those with none at all – live in relative peace. We are blessed to have a mosque and three synagogues and many churches filled with people of good will. Beth Israel, Beth El, and the Islamic Center have long talked about working together on a philanthropic project, and now, more than ever, we feel the need to join together to show love and care for each other and for our greater community. We hope that the love we spread here will eventually envelope the whole world," describes Geri Gross, chair of the Social Action Committee for Congregation Beth El.

Marwa Elkelani of the Islamic Center of Maine says, “The Islamic Center of Maine is happy to join hands with Congregations Beth El and Beth Israel to celebrate our diversity and build relationships of peace and love. Now more than ever, we need to walk the walk and serve as a reminder of this for all. The true objective of all faiths is an inclusive one, calling for respect, equality, and dignity for all. What better way to highlight what our respective faiths teach about love and acceptance and break down walls of division and hate that are widespread in our world today than by collaborating on this wonderful philanthropic project!”


Passover at the Lucerne Inn - Saturday, March 31

Beth El Community Seder
Passover at The Lucerne Inn
25 Maine Road, Dedham, Maine 04429
Saturday, March 31, the Second night of Passover

Click here to download the reservation form

Passover is just around the corner! The Beth El Community Seder is once again returning to the Lucerne Inn. We found this location to be conveniently accessible to both our “away” members as well as local members. The Lucerne Inn is working with us to make the flow of service smoother and more timely this year. To accomplish this, the number of people we can accommodate both comfortably and legally (fire code regs.) must be limited. If we fill up seats before you get your reservations in, sadly, we will not be able to accommodate you. Please do not let that happen.

Also, reservations must be received with payment. We will process reservations as they are received, so phone or e-mails cannot reserve your place. Only a reservation form with the check will reserve your place.

As we did last year, we will be making a seating chart. We will be happy to seat you with or near others as you wish, so please indicate that on the sign-up sheet. There will be nine places at each table.

Beth El looks forward to celebrating Passover together again this season at the Lucerne Inn. If you have any questions, please contact Roz Gold or 862-0203.

Passover illustration by Masha Manapov for Haaretz.