Religious School

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Beth El’s Religious School seeks to instill in our students a deep connection to Judaism, pride in their Jewish heritage, and values.

B’yachad/Togetherness program- This program is offered to children under 4, as a parent and me class. These classes will be full of singing, art and laughter, as we introduce Judaism to our littlest learners. We are excited to announce that this program is growing this year and will be offered monthly by Miss Gail on the first Sunday of each month. Families will also have the opportunity to join our k-6 program for a brief Tefilah/Prayer service after each class.

Kinderdergarten - Third Grade

The coming year will be filled with new learning opportunities, J-STEAM activities, and community building projects. We will also be introducing Tefilah/Prayer to this age group to help our students to become more familiar with the structure of Services.  Students will continue to build their connection to Judaism, begin to explore Hebrew, Jewish holidays, Torah and values. In addition to our more formal classes we will also be offering family fun days, including a walk through the forest, a calendar project and our “trip to Israel”. 

Fourth - Sixth Grade

In addition to working with our k-3 students on Sunday, this age group will have the opportunity to partner with students from Congregation Beth Israel on Tuesday afternoons which will continue to give our students the opportunity to bond with their Jewish peers. Focus for this age group will be on building Hebrew proficiency, digging deeper into the customs of Judaism and forging lifelong connects to Judaism.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Students who meet eligibility requirements, prepare to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah at age 13 or older. During this year of study they deepen their personal connection to Judaism as  they are tutored one on one by the rabbi and other congregants for the year prior to this life cycle event.

Seventh - Twelfth Grades

Teens socialize over dinner and then attend classes to explore topics such as:  the message of the Prophets, Jewish law, the Jewish life cycle, comparative Judaism, the Holocaust, Israel, and Jewish theology. These students also have the opportunity to study Jewish perspectives on modern “hot topics” such as Gender Studies, food choices, body art and modern day Anti-Semitism.