Hello Beth El Family,

            We would like to invite you to join us in creating a community gift for Rabbi Lerner, while she is out on medical leave. We know that Rabbi has been so thankful for the outpouring of support, phone calls, cards, etc that she has received from each of us individually, but we are hoping to additionally show her support as a congregation and send her warm wishes, by creating a community quilt.

This is a Surprise gift, please do not share this plan with Rabbi Lerner!


So how do we all participate??

The goal is that each member of Beth El (who wants to participate) will create one leaf of the tree of life in the center square of the quilt.  The trunk and branches will already be on the fabric and then a copy of your fingerprint and name will be added to create the leaves of the tree. These fingerprints will remind Rabbi of how much she has touched each of our lives

Additionally anyone who wants to can create one of the outer squares of the quilt, using the template below.


Step 1: Using the small in the letter emailed to you below create your “leaf” for the tree of life.   You can use paint, ink or even a washable marker to color one finger green. Print your leaf onto the small square on page 2 of this letter, then sign below your leaf. Each member of your family can create their own leaf or you may create one leaf print for the whole family.

Step 2: (OPTIONAL) Create your piece of the quilt. If you would like to, use the large square template to draw an image or include a photo of yourself with the Rabbi (or anything else you think she would enjoy). High contrast images and drawings will display the best on fabric.  Additionally we are asking that you do not include notes or anything text heavy as it is very difficult to transfer. 

Step 3:  Return page 2 of this form  to the Purim Parade on 2/21. This car parade will take place at 10 am in front of Beth El, and has an under the sea theme.  We will create a slide show of all of the cars in front of the building to send Rabbi as well as show the congregation during our Purim spiel. A prize will be given to the best decorated car.  If you live far away or are unable to get to the Purim parade, send your image to Sarah, Aubri and Kate  by 2/28. sarah.meyerwaldo@gmail.com or  education@bethelbangor.org .

Step 4: We will transfer your image onto fabric to put into the quilt and sew them all together.



Thank you for participating in this project, we hope that the quilt will bring Rabbi warmth and joy during her recovery.  If you have any questions please feel free to email Sarah or Kate, or leave a message at Beth El.


Sarah, Aubri and Kate.