Religious School

Beth El’s Religious School seeks to instill in our students a love for Judaism, pride in their Jewish heritage, and the skills needed for Jewish living.


Kindergarten - Second Grade

Hands-on activities, music, Hebrew games and art to introduce young children to Jewish holidays, stories, customs, mitzvot and simple Hebrew vocabulary.

Third Grade

Third graders begin formal Hebrew reading to help develop language and prayer skills.  These are complemented by the study of Bible stories.

Fourth - Sixth Grade

Students attend classes twice a week.  Hebrew studies are aimed at participation in, understanding, and leading a worship service.  The Prophets and Jewish History serve as the vehicle for gaining perspective about Judaism.  

Seventh - Tenth Grades

Teens socialize over dinner and then attend classes to explore topics such as:  the message of the Prophets, Jewish law, the Jewish life cycle, comparative Judaism, the Holocaust, Israel, and Jewish theology.  This program culminates in Confirmation in tenth grade.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Students who meet eligibility requirements prepare to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah at age 13 or older.  They are tutored by the rabbi for part of the prior to this life cycle event.

Post Confirmation

Continuing Jewish Education on topical issues from Israel to Sexuality to Anti-Semitism to Body Art to food choices and much more.