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New Member Application

To apply to become a member of Congregation Beth El, please click the Join button below. Thank you!

membership  renewal

To renew your membership, please click the Renew button below.

Thank you for your continued support!

Membership Dues

Once you have submitted an application or renewal form, please contribute your membership Dues below.

   Congregation Beth El suggests that your annual dues be 2% of your household's gross taxable income. Understanding that every household's financial situation, we offer this percentage as a guideline. Other factors that may be relevant to your annual dues' determination:

- Annual dues cover the majority of temple expenses. To meet expenses at current membership levels, each household would need to contribute at least $1,100 in membership dues.
-Your personal financial capacity.
-Am I faced with extraordinary expenses at this particular time?
-Have I been fortunate this year and received additional unexpected income?
-Am I providing support to another temple due to split residency?

We appreciate your diligence, careful thought and generosity when determining your annual dues. We are grateful for any contribution more than the suggested amount and understand if you are experiencing circumstances which would require you to contribute less. All dues information is strictly confidential.

If you would like to pay in monthly installments, please select "Monthly," divide your annual payment by 12, and enter that number into "Custom Amount."

If you plan to renew your membership for the foreseeable future and would like to "set it and forget it," select "Annually" and enter your annual dues amount into "Custom Amount."

Dues may also be by check.

Thank You!!

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